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A Reference Book for Line Dance by Astrid Kaeswurm
In any dance sports there is a reference book
„From ANCHOR STEP To WEAVE“ is the reference book for line dance
In Germany it is that kind of book since 2011
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Twenty years ago, when I started with Line Dance, hardly anybody was interested in mastering the correct technique of Line Dancing. We were all dancing in a more or less upright position with our thumbs in the
buckle. Whether our foot position was looking good or not was of minor importance.

I wondered if I needed this technical training. So far, I had been doing okay without it! I knew all about Line Dance, so what else was there I should learn?
I went there anyway and was fascinated. The trainer was professional, kind and down-to-earth. What followed was one Eureka moment after the other and I realised that I still had much to learn.

Like any other sportsman, Line Dancers also need basic techniques. No matter if they are weekly social dancers or do competitions. Not hurting your joints is very important.

Apparently, many Line Dancers feel that some knowledge about dance technique is quite helpful. This is the only way to explain that this book has exceeded all sales expectations in its first German edition.

After publishing the first German edition, it was important for me to listen to your opinions and your additional requests. I received many helpful suggestions. As a result, the chapter "Motion" has become much
more extensive. I also added a few definitions, as I found out that many of you consider this a crucial topic. In addition, I extended some chapters. I removed the chapter on our basic steps’ rhythm, because you
considered it superfluous.



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